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May 12, 2012

A Few Magnets

You know when you're killing time in an airport, or your hanging out in a hotel lobby, or you finish exploring a tourist trap and end up in a gift shop?  I can't seem to help myself when it comes to buying a magnet and a few postcards.  What can I say?  It's a habit that feeds my love of nostalgia and they fit in a suitcase easily.  They're also relatively cheap things to collect that give you something tangible from the place you've just been. As you can see below, I'm into that.

Nov 26, 2011

Disneyland Attractions in 2004

As more time goes by travel footage like this seems to become even more exciting to watch.  Places like Disneyland are seen by so many people that when things start to change there are lots of people who are eager to remember it the way it was.

These travel edits that I shot in 2004 where never meant to be much more than home videos, but YouTube essentially gave them a second wind.  I've re-uploaded these original edits I shot of the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mark Twain Riverboat Ride, and Splash Mountain as the ones I first uploaded years ago looked incredibly pixelated.  Here's hoping that these bring back some memories for all of you guys too.

For more of my travel edits from this 2004 trip you can view my Disneyland post here, and check out my full  playlist of California edits here

Universal Studios Hollywood in 2004

As someone who was just getting his feet wet as a film student in 2004, this trip Universal Studios Hollywood was a dream come true.  I was hooked on all of the props, sets, and kitschy characters.  Looking back at this now it's amazing to think about how much has already changed at the park, not to mention what must have happened following the massive backlot fire in 2008.

As a surprising bonus, I was able to visit the brand new Universal Studios Singapore in 2010 on my day off during a business trip.  Next on the list, Florida?

Nov 25, 2011

California Adventure in 2004

The park was only a few years old when I visited for the first time.  Disney's California Adventure opened up right across the plaza from Disneyland and inside was a random sampling of famous landmarks.  From the Golden Gate to a palm tree lined boardwalk and pier, to Hollywood Boulevard and wilderness full of the rustic cues from northern California, the park seemed to have it all.  Needless to say we made the most of our time there and created a lot of fun memories.  

See more of my edits from the trip here

Nov 24, 2011

Disneyland in 2004

I'm a sucker for amusement parks.  My parents first took me to Disneyland as a little kid when I was in elementary school.  It was in 2004 however that I was able to remember a lot more of the experience.  I was traveling with my friend Andrea and her family on what was largely a tour of southern California theme parks.  I rediscovered this edit I made of our time at Disneyland and thought it would be fun to share again after all of this time.

You can see more of my edits from that trip here and view my edits of the Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mark Twain Riverboat here.