Feb 29, 2024

And Just Like That, 10 Years

I had to go on a deep-dive to find this "year one" Editing Luke t-shirt again, but a milestone like this requires the right attire.

At the end of February 2014, now a full decade ago, I doubled down on this crazy side hustle I had started while in film school and finally decided to make this indie production company, "Editing Luke" my full-time career. If you've enjoyed any of the content I've shared over the last 10 years, the photo essays, art prints, behind the scenes exploration, the hometown series, travel campaigns, documentaries, etc. 99% of it leads back to this decision.

Luke Fandrich Photographer Filmmaker

And let me be clear, no one is more surprised that this has worked than me. This was not an overnight success. But, the decision to fully pursue this path in those early years has changed my life immeasurably - this last year alone has proven that in at least 10 different ways.

Thank you for sharing this unpredictable journey with me. Thank you for engaging back. Thank you for supporting all of these random creative endeavours and making this such an incredibly fun decade (even when it sometimes wasn't). I owe you more than you realize for the support you've shown me.

Ok, back to the teepee and sunrise pics lol.

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