Jan 13, 2023

Professional Photographers Already Know This

Everyone thinks the prerequisite to becoming a professional photographer is the ability to take a "good" image, but if we're digging for specifics I'd argue that it's always been bigger than that.

The real secret is timing.

It's recognizing when you can capture something rare. It's storytelling in choices. It's bringing people into your work by sharing a perspective often easily missed.

Case in point, last night around midnight an ice fog had decended over Medicine Hat. I was on my way home and while passing the Saamis Teepee on the highway the fog was so thick that I thought the lights on it had been turned off.

I pulled off to have a look and only as I rounded the corner did it begin to reveal itself. The fog was causing the lights on this familiar landmark to bleed into the haze and I immediately recognized in that moment, that even after all the teepee shots I'd grabbed over the years, here was one that I didn't have.

Needless to say when the image went up this morning on the Editing Luke page it began to spread quickly. Timing gave it purpose. Timing made the shot more interesting. It had a story. My point is that when you're really playing the game, this is what actually makes the difference.

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