May 18, 2022

Production Winding Down & New Edit Suite

Since getting back from travel shoots earlier this month it's been an exhausting blur. 

Production on the Monarch documentary is finally winding down as post-production ramps up for June. There are still a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes, a bit more b-roll scheduled, but it's exciting to finally have a grasp on just how much has been uncovered for this movie. 

Luke Fandrich Filmmaker Documentary

The final interview of the doc was filmed today and just last week I finished building the new edit suite .... although full disclosure, I immediately changed the desktop backdrops to a neutral image after snapping the picture of the build. I'm just a few steps away from the full on Minority Report screens lol - but it's cool to have so much versatility between layouts / displays.

Mostly, I just wanted to share how excited I am to see this all coming together after the months so many people have invested into making this possible. We're just a few more months away from having a finished movie. Stay tuned as these last few chapters unfold.

Luke Fandrich Filmmaker Documentary

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