Jan 20, 2022

About That Documentary I Mentioned ...

As my final announcement of 2021 I shared that my latest documentary proposal had been greenlit with plans to move into production in early 2022. With things continuing to progress I wanted to share a few more updates about what the project is actually about.

Inspired by my love of vintage films and the cinematic experience - specifically, going to the movie theatre - this new documentary is all about cinemas. Highlighting the evolution of the theatre going experience and showcased through the rise and fall of some largely forgotten movie houses, this new documentary tells the story of how the oldest purpose-built cinema in all of Canada ended up (in of all places) my hometown - Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Locals are sure to recognize names like the Monarch, Towne, and Gemini, but what makes this story unique is how much hasn't been widely told - particularly regarding the 110+ year history of a single screen cinema on main street that is actually older than every major Hollywood studio. Perhaps most amazing, it's still here!

There's a lot to unpack, but I'm really excited to bring this story to life in this new feature documentary in the months ahead.

Here's where I could use some help ... 

Did you, a family member, or friend ever work at a movie theatre in the Medicine Hat area? 

I'd love to connect with anyone who has stories to share about what your time was like at the Monarch, Towne, drive-ins, etc. I'm deep in research these days and have already coordinated with the Friends of the Monarch, local archives, and City - what's missing is you!  

If you have any pictures or souvenirs from these venues from over the years it would also be a massive help as (not surprisingly) a lot of these places were not documented. Thank you in advance.

Lots more to come as this ramps up! 🎥😉 Please get in touch if you have anything to share that you think may be of interest. Cheers!   

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