Dec 26, 2021

Home Alone 2 Talkboy For Christmas

"How'd you do - this is Peter McCallister, the faaaaaather ... credit card? You got it." 

Shoutout to my buddy Tyler for sending me the ultimate Home Alone 2 Christmas gift this year. Interestingly, recorded messages over a Talkboy was already how I was making most of my hotel reservations for professional travel shoots these days lol.

Complete with old school Home Alone 2 trading cards, official replicas of the two turtle doves used in the movie, a gift card for "my very own cheese pizza", and an original Talkboy - this gift was the cherry on top of the New York Christmas shoots I did a couple years ago inspired by my love for this movie.

This is the beauty of film school friendships - the shared appreciation for movies and references runs deep. Thank you for making my early '90s "Lost in New York" Christmas wishes come true buddy! This gift was too good not to share.

Talkboy Home Alone 2

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