Aug 8, 2021

A Look Back at "the School Project" Documentary

For much of this summer I've been in the process of writing proposals and exploring options as we head into the fall. This isn't out of the ordinary, but with a lot more time on my hands over the last year I found myself revisiting past projects and trying to contextualize them. In short, I was re-exploring what I've already done, what's worked, and what I'd like to do next. 

This is how I found myself re-watching hours of unused footage from "The School Project" again, a documentary I completed in 2017 that was never formally released in full. That's actually another story entirely, which if you care to dive into and watch some clips you can here

School Documentary Editing Luke

What's been amazing about exploring this old project (among several others) has been finding so many fragments of ideas that were never fully developed. "The School Project" was an incredibly ambitious documentary about finding the culture of a brand new Canadian school by filming the daily life inside of it over the course of an entire year. 

In some ways this fall feels like starting over again, which is perhaps why it's been so liberating to re-explore highlights amidst projects that I remember taking on and thinking, "where do we even start with this?". Finished work aside, diving into the ideas that inspired past projects to begin with has been a valuable creative exercise to get the gears turning again. Especially with a project this size, it reminded me how much of it was about just being present. 

Thinking all this, I then found the teaser (see above) that I'd made just after principal shooting on this documentary had wrapped. It felt poignant. This work in progress really is never ending - that, and I'm still just a big kid continuously trying to find new ways to entertain myself lol.

School Project Documentary

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