Oct 30, 2020

Two Weeks in France

Narrowly avoiding the obvious challenges with travel at the moment, for the last two weeks I was busy shooting a new series of travel images in and around Paris, France. From iconic landmarks to quaint street scenes, it was refreshing to be back doing what I love and shooting new material.

Clearly, this was not a typical trip and numerous adjustments and revisions were made between when this was confirmed at the beginning of 2020 and now. I'm now safely back home in Canada and starting to make sense of what a whirlwind this was - and frankly feeling a load of stress off my back now that I can see it all worked out.

I'll dive into the messy details of what traveling right now actually looked like in an upcoming post, but for now I just wanted to announce that new additions from France will be coming to my Overseas Collection in the months ahead. A lot of content has been on hold this year, but I'm excited to offer a temporary escape with some of this new material on the way.

Paris France Travel Photography

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