Jun 23, 2020

A Month+ of Daily Visuals in Medicine Hat

What happens when a professional travel photographer can't travel? Well, for more than a month now I've been sharing a new image each day from around my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta on the Editing Luke Facebook page. While not exactly new territory for me, this lockdown-inspired series of posts has reached nearly half a million people since early May.

Medicine Hat Photography Editing LukeAs an extension of my longing running Around the Hat series, what's been interesting about this self-imposed task is the reality of actually creating something new to post each day. It's one thing to share a portfolio of already completed work, but to shoot new scenes of a smaller prairie city like Medicine Hat and make them feel fresh over and over again after weeks of posts is a sizeable creative challenge - which is exactly the point.

While the daily posts won't continue indefinitely, as a creative distraction while travel restrictions are still in place, I'm thrilled the response has been so positive. It's one thing for a few images to be widely shared, but with each daily post now reaching thousands of people this side project has far exceeded the expectations I had for what was honestly just a personal endeavour to address my own boredom.

Medicine Hat Photography Editing LukeExpect at least another month of daily posts ahead - and take a moment to explore more of the daily images from the past few weeks here. For those interested, new limited release prints from this collection are currently in the works. Thank you all so much for the continued support!  

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