Dec 17, 2019

Jagged Little Pill on Broadway | Broadhurst Theatre

While theatre isn't usually something I'm keen about, while shooting in New York City this month I felt a certain responsibility (because hey, it's NYC) to see something on Broadway. At worst it would at least be an experience I thought, but actually it ended up being a great surprise.

Jagged Little Pill Broadway NYCAs a Canadian kid of the '90s, Alanis Morissette's 1995 album Jagged Little Pill was already something that I could've recited lyrics from whether I liked it or not. And given my choice to see this new Broadway musical, which just had its opening night on December 5, I knew with some certainty that I'd likely enjoy Jagged Little Pill because of the music that had inspired it.

What I didn't expect was a musical that could weave an original story through the tracks of this album in a way that didn't just feel like a random hits medley. Sure, it was angsty and preachy at points - but then again so is the album. I was thoroughly impressed, and really enjoyed the reinterpretation of some of these classic tracks (and their relevance) nearly 25 years later.  

Jagged Little Pill Broadhurst TheatreI'll leave the proper reviews to the critics and just say that I really enjoyed the experience - particularly the excitement you could sense in the audience with this still being such a new show. The standout moment was undoubtedly Lauren Patten's rendition of 'You Oughta Know', which brought everyone in the theatre to their feet. I also loved the conclusion featuring 'You Learn'.

From a guy who had never been to a Broadway show before this, I've got to say that seeing Jagged Little Pill at the Broadhurst Theatre was a good time. Worth it in my books! 

Jagged Little Pill Playbill

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