Jul 2, 2018

Canada Day Fireworks in Medicine Hat, Alberta

For the last few years I've taken up the challenge to the film the Canada Day fireworks in Medicine Hat, Alberta to create and share my own edits of the experience. Why do I keep doing it, you might ask? Well, there are a few reasons actually.

Canada Day Fireworks Medicine Hat AlbertaIn addition to being something to do after the BBQ or lounging around all day, the Canada Day fireworks have always been a great opportunity to get some lively local footage of my hometown and share something that people are naturally interested in. It's tough to pass up the chance to put your own spin on something that you know will attract an audience.

Fireworks aren't the easiest thing to casually capture, so by putting a bit of time and thought into how I shoot and edit them, the clips have also always been a popular way to showcase my production company, Editing Luke through organic content. Not to mention, it's actually really fun to take the energy and action of the fireworks and curate it into a stylized edit that (hopefully) heightens the experience. Don't get me wrong, seeing the fireworks live is amazing, but shooting a variety of close-ups and wide shots actually gives you a different way of seeing the show even if you were there in person.  

This year I cut my footage into two parts to create shorter, more energetic clips of the Canada Day fireworks. Whether you were there or whether you're seeing them for the first time, I hope you enjoy these colourful highlights from Canada's 151st birthday captured over the Saamis Teepee in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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