Sep 30, 2017

2nd Street Documentary Production Underway

Getting an original Editing Luke documentary project, such as this one, collaboratively funded and moving forward is an achievement in itself. Discussions began earlier this year about an idea I had for creating a short-form documentary about the rapid evolution that's taken place on 2nd Street in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta over the last few years.

Medicine Hat Video Documentary

From renovations, street upgrades, new businesses, and the growth and popularity of my Medicine Hat photo series - I've been surprisingly close to a lot of the change on 2nd Street over the last 5 years without fully recognizing my connection. That was until this year at least. 

While a lot of the plans and ideas for this project have been roughly laid out for months, the last few weeks have been especially exciting. With the budget finally secured, partners on-board, questions prepared, and interviews scheduled, production on the documentary is now officially underway. Naturally, that means there will be a lot more to share very soon.

Medicine Hat Video DocumentaryI'm keeping a lot of the production details quiet for the time being, but if you're an individual with a close connection to this street or a business that would like to become a last-minute sponsor / partner get in touch with me here and let's chat. 

It's always difficult to make predictions at this stage, but if the numerous photo essays I've shared are any indication it seems likely that this project will also reach thousands and thousands of interested viewers. A documentary like this is unique for a community like ours, and it wouldn't be possible without local support. Given the interest already shown, I know this is going to be something special.

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