Jun 11, 2017

5 Places We'll Miss Inside Medicine Hat High School

It's certainly no secret by this point that Medicine Hat High School is in the middle of a massive renovation / modernization that has already significantly changed the way it looks. If we're honest, it was clearly time for the high school to get an upgrade, but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of memories are tied to those old classrooms and hallways. That was really the motivation behind doing a pre-renovation photo series of the high school in the first place.

Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

With just a few weeks left to pre-order my photo book MHHS As It Was, I thought I'd highlight 5 places that we'll miss, or at least 5 places around the old high school that we'll look back at nostalgically once they're all officially gone. Naturally, you'll find images of all these locations (and numerous others) inside the limited-edition MHHS photo book.

1. The North Foyer

As a place to hangout or the first place many of us saw entering the school each day, the North Foyer, with its large windows and wooden benches, was one of those quintessential old Hat High spots. A big part of its character came from years of students though - carvings into the wood made the space into a continually evolving yearbook. While I'm certain it was frowned upon, if you gloss over how many dicks were carved, it's kind of charming.
Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

2. The Gymnasiums

The smell of sweat and the buzz of the lights were easily identified when entering either the North or South Gymnasiums. From gym class to pep rallies to final exams, these spaces, whether you enjoyed them or not, were part of everyone's high school experience at MHHS.

Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

3. The Oldest Classrooms

While I'm not sure how fondly everyone looks back at all of their lessons and lectures, the oldest classrooms, themselves, became more interesting and distinct as the decades added up at Hat High. Old laminate flooring, vintage stained built-ins, mid-century lighting and ceiling tiles - all of these things characterized the oldest parts of MHHS. With the entire school being modernized, all of these details will only remain in photographs. 

Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

4. The Skywalks

Love them or loathe them, the East and West Skywalks certainly made Medicine Hat High School unique. They framed the middle of the school and architecturally made the building a bit more interesting. The demolition of both skywalks early in the modernization process also signified how different the new high school was really going to be.

Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

5. North Wing Tunnels  

The legends about the tunnels under the North side of the high school were often discussed in an increasingly dramatic fashion prior to anyone actually seeing them for themselves. In honesty, the tunnels weren't much more than a glorified storage area, but they were made notable by the countless grad classes and students who left their names and graffiti on the walls.

Medicine Hat High School Photo BookExplore more of the old MHHS by ordering your copy of the photo book here. You'll also find an original colour-coded map of the high school at the start of the book to retrace your steps.
Medicine Hat High School Photo Book

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