May 21, 2017

MHHS Photo Book: Questions Answered

Last weekend the pre-order for MHHS As It Was, the soon-to-be-released photo book featuring the pre-renovation photo series I shot of Medicine Hat High School, officially launched. While it's still early days, I've been overwhelmed by the response and feedback that I've received so far about this book. I can't say thank you enough to everyone who has supported it!

Pre-order is still going strong! You can explore the preview post for MHHS As It Was here, and you can skip directly to the pre-order link here to get your copy!

Medicine Hat High School MHHS Photo Book
Along with the pre-orders, I've also received a number of questions about the book, so I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked. For starters, here are the details of the MHHS As It Was photo book again.

  • 8x10" softcover photo book. 
  • 100 page count. Professionally printed and bound.
  • Featuring 180+ images of MHHS prior to renovation, including exclusive shots of some of the early interior demolition. 
  • Official release in September / October 2017.
  • Cost of $30 per book

  • Where will this book be available in Medicine Hat?
When it's released this fall, the plan is to have the photo book available for purchase directly from Medicine Hat High School. There will be a limited amount of stock available on a first-come first-serve basis, but you can expect to find MHHS As It Was in the new Hat High school store while supplies last.

  • Is it worth pre-ordering or should I wait until the fall?
I can't stress enough that the print run for this book is going to be very limited. The cost to publish it means that I am being very conservative about how much additional stock there will be. By pre-ordering you are helping me estimate the total stock needed, as well as guaranteeing that you are able to get as many books as you'd like by committing now. With the new high school opening in the fall we're trying to anticipate the increased demand for the photo book, but also producing a limited quantity that we know will sell out. In short, if you really want a copy, pre-ordering one is the only way I can guarantee that there will be enough to go around

  • I live outside of Medicine Hat, will I be able to get a copy in the fall?   
When the book goes on sale at Medicine Hat High School this fall, and with the strongest demand being local (in Medicine Hat), it is looking less likely that there will be enough stock to support / require online sales. If you live outside of Medicine Hat and want a copy, I definitely recommend that you pre-order.

  • Can I reserve a copy now and pay later?
Only paid pre-orders will have a reserved copy once the book is released. You can put in your request through the pre-order link, and once you receive the paypal request for payment you don't have to pay it immediately, however all unpaid requests will be cancelled once pre-order ends. In short, you haven't technically ordered / reserved a copy of the book until you've paid.

  • I submitted a pre-order but haven't received a PayPal request? 
Please double check your spam / junk folder if you haven't received a follow up email from PayPal. All payment requests have been sent the same day as any pre-order message I have received. If you still can't find it, please send another pre-order request and let me know that this has happened. I want to fix this for you if that is the case.  

  • How long will the book be available for pre-order?
Pre-order for MHHS As It Was will cease at the end of June. Final stock will be confirmed at that time and the book will go to print over the summer. The official release for the photo book will be in September / October 2017 when the stock arrives. 

  • Was this book commissioned by the high school?
No. MHHS As It Was is an Editing Luke project. The photography of the school, design of the book, and the publication costs for proofs, etc. have all been self-funded. That being said, Medicine Hat High School has been fully supportive of this project from the start and will be purchasing books to sell in their school store in the fall. 

  • Are you planning on doing other photo books?
Not at this time, but there's certainly potential for future projects. This photo book has been a massive experiment, motivated mostly by current interest and the timing / completion of the high school renovations. Because this is the very first official publication for Editing Luke, I've put a lot of resources and energy into making sure this is a success. Thankfully, the effort seems to have been well worth it and the response has been amazing!   

Medicine Hat High School Photo Book
Once again, you can pre-order your copy of the book here.

For more information and previews of the MHHS As It Was photo book be sure to explore the original post here. Thanks again to all of you who have ordered your copy already! I can't wait to finally have this photo book out there. 

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