Oct 17, 2016

2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

On Friday night I attended the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, where for the second year in a row I / Editing Luke was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. With even more nominees in the category this year I was fully expecting to lose, which makes it that much sweeter to report that I actually won!

editing luke young entrepreneur award
We  bought a full table at the ceremony and I had my family there cheering me on. I did my best to temper their expectations as we did this last year and lost. It's great to be recognized / nominated regardless, however the best part about winning has been all of the amazing messages that have come my way as a result. Even more here

When you invest so much energy into your own business it means the world to know that anyone is paying attention, let alone to be recognized by the local business community. In its own description, the Young Entrepreneur award is given to the business that best exemplifies the qualities of effective leadership, innovatively applied know-how, and excellent potential for growth; that shows a high level of social, cultural, and environmental awareness and a demonstrated commitment to the wider community. That's some pretty high praise.

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I want to thank everyone who continues to support and work with Editing Luke. It's a pleasure to be able to create the kinds of videos, photography, and multimedia content that I do in this community and around North America. It's awesome to be able to share this good news with all of you, and to once again say thank you for making opportunities like this possible.  

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