Jan 20, 2016

Projects in the Works for 2016

It's very early to start making predictions about what 2016 will have in store, however there are some things that I'd definitely like to work on this year. These are a few projects / plans you can expect to see on Editing Luke in 2016.

1. Best of Around the Hat

My photo series of Medicine Hat, Alberta has been in the works since 2012 and has grown by leaps and bounds in that time. This year I plan on streamlining the collection and putting together "best of" posts where I showcase some of my best shots. This will include a variety of updated posts to summarize the collection. Here's an example I did of the Saamis Teepee. Next step could be a photo book or exhibition ...

2. More Travel Shoots

Expect to see even more travel related posts and photo essays in 2016. In addition to expanding on my Roadside California and Pacific Northwest series' (which is content that I've already shot but haven't shared yet) it seems likely that I'll do more shoots around Alberta and Canada in general to keep the momentum going. 

luke fandrich editing luke3. Media Passes

From concerts and festivals to other high-profile events, I'll be making an effort to get more media passes again this year to bring more original content to Editing Luke. These things are never guaranteed, but the chance of reaching a larger audience make them worth pursuing.

4. Collaborating with a School

I posted about this just a few days ago. Here are more details about this project

5. Brand New Video Productions

I have a handful of brand new cultural videos already in the works this year. What's exciting is that many of these projects have a regional influence that have involved me in shooting all over southern Alberta. This is obviously something that I hope continues well into 2016, so if you have an idea or concept that you'd like to discuss you can get in touch with me here. Curious about some of my previous work? Explore here.

There are some big things in the works. I can't wait to share them with you!

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