Oct 30, 2015


This month the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta celebrated their 10 year anniversary. I was given the opportunity to produce a video with the help of Esplanade Staff, Volunteers, and Esplanauts (Discovery Centre art class participants) that captured a few of their stories and memories from that time. This was the result. 

Esplanade Medicine Hat Alberta

This month I had the pleasure of being asked to help create a video to celebrate the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre's 10 year anniversary in Medicine Hat, Alberta. There was no way I was going to be able to incorporate all of the stories I heard during the shoot, but in the end I think some really genuine moments were captured.To create this video, we connected with Esplanade Staff, Volunteers, and Esplanauts (Discovery Centre art class participants) ranging in age from kindergarten to retirees. Each participant was asked to share a memorable Esplanade story, moment or experience from the past ten years. From over three hours of interview footage, a very honest, thoughtful, and emotional seven minute video emerged, capturing the essence of the Esplanade’s impact on this community.And what about your stories? I'd love to hear about some of the positive memories / experiences you've had at the Esplanade too!
Posted by Editing Luke on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The video debuted to a live audience on October 21, 2015 during the first Esplanade@10 event. It was a great experience to share just a piece of the over 3 hours of material that I captured during this project. Obviously, there were (and are) so many more stories, however I love these candid and genuine moments that were shared. The Esplanade is so much more than just a museum or art gallery or theatre or archives, it's a place that celebrates and preserves Medicine Hat's story. No doubt, 10 years on the Esplanade's impact on our community has been undeniable.    

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