Sep 22, 2015

Oahu, Hawaii in 100 Images

Beautiful beaches, swaying palms, and the faint strumming of ukuleles - these are the stereotypes of Oahu, Hawaii that the hotels in Waikiki are more than happy to uphold. On a recent vacation to Oahu I took to photographing a variety of locations and experiences as I traveled throughout the island. From Honolulu to the North Shore, I set out to capture notable attractions and iconic Hawaiian scenery around Oahu. 
oahu hawaii attractions photography

These are highlights from my Aloha Hawaii series showcased in 100 images. Click on the link above any of the images to view the complete / expanded photo set from each location.

1. View of Diamond Head from the ocean.
diamond head oahu hawaii

2. Surfboards in Waikiki.
surfboards honolulu hawaii

3. Surfers on the North Shore of Oahu.
north shore surfing oahu hawaii

4. Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor.
pacific aviation museum pearl harbor hawaii

5. USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
arizona memorial pearl harbor

6. Makapuu Lookout on the Eastern Shore of Oahu.
makapuu lookout oahu hawaii

7. Souvenirs in Waikiki.
waikiki beach souvenirs

8. Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii from the Aloha Tower.
downtown honolulu hawaii

9. Sunset on Waikiki Beach.
waikiki beach sunset

10. Rainbow Drive-In in Honolulu.
rainbow drive in honolulu hawaii

11. Interior of Iolani Palace in Honolulu.
iolani palace honolulu hawaii

12. USS Bowfin Submarine in Pearl Harbor.
bowfin submarine pearl harbor

13. Feet in the Pacific Ocean.

14. Luau at the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki.
luau waikiki hawaii

15. Fresh pineapple.

16. Honolulu Auto Show

17. Barbers Point on the Western Shore of Oahu.
barbers point oahu hawaii

18. Tropical drinks.

19. Girls at Hanuama Bay.

20. Flying over Waikiki Beach.
waikiki beach aerial

21. Sleepy tortoise at the Honolulu Zoo.
honolulu zoo

22. Surfboards on Waikiki Beach.
surfboards waikiki beach

23. Polynesian Cultural Center.

24. Ocean surf at sunset.

25. Hula girl.
luau honolulu hawaii

26. Mission Houses in Honolulu, Hawaii.
mission houses honolulu hawaii

27. Barbers Point.

28. Sailing at sunset.
hawaii sailing

29. Ruins of the Kualoa Sugar Mill.

30. Boogie boarding on the North Shore.

31. Hawaii State Capitol Building.
hawaii state capitol building

32. Waikiki Beach.
waikiki beach oahu hawaii

33. View from the top of Diamond Head.

34. Inside the USS Bowfin Submarine.

35. USS Missouri Battleship.
missouri battleship oahu hawaii pearl harbor

36. Ukuleles.

37. Hawaii Theatre.
hawaii theatre honolulu
38. Pacific Ocean from Waikiki.

39. Hula girls.

40. Waikiki Beach.

41. USS Arizona Memorial.

42. Sunset on Waikiki Beach.
waikiki sunset hawaii

43. Wreckage of the USS Arizona.

44. Hotels in Waikiki.
waikiki beach honolulu hawaii

45. Staircase inside the Iolani Palace.

46. Waves crashing on the Eastern Shore of Oahu.

47. Hawaiian Oceans.

48. Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor.

49. Byodo-In Temple.
byodo in temple oahu hawaii

50. Jumping in the sunrise.

51. Catamaran on Waikiki Beach.

52. Sunrise over Oahu.

53. Duke Kahanamoku Statue in Waikiki.

54. Road trip around Oahu in a Bentley Continental GTC.

55. Pearl Harbor bullet holes in hangar glass.

56. Surfers in Waikiki.

57. Diamond Head Lighthouse.
diamond head lighthouse oahu hawaii

58. Close-up of a lei.

59. Royal Guards of Hawaii.

60. View of Honolulu from the top of Diamond Head.

61. Falls of Clyde in Honolulu Harbor.

62. Swaying palms.

63. Koi pond at the Byodo-In Temple.

64. Hawaii State Capitol Building.

65. Hanuama Bay.

66. Crossroads of the Pacific.

67. Hiking to the top of Diamond Head.

68. Sunset sail.

69. Inside the Iolani Palace.

70. Halona Cove.

71. Spiral stairs in bunker at Diamond Head.

72. Surfer on the North Shore.

73. Kawaiahao Church in Honolulu.

74. Tour on the USS Missouri.

75. Barbers Point Lighthouse.

76. Bon-sho (sacred bell) at Byodo-In Temple.

77. Bunker at Diamond Head.

78. Aliiolani Hale in Honolulu.

79. Spot of Japanese surrender signed on the USS Missouri.

80. Waikiki Beach.

81. Carved souvenirs.

82. Hula dancers.

83. Hanauma Bay.

84. Waikiki Beach.

85. Flamingo at the Honolulu Zoo.

86. Hawaii souvenirs.

87. Hula dancers.

88. Aloha Tower in downtown Honolulu.

89. Sunset over Waikiki.

90. USS Arizona wreckage.

91. Shopping in Waikiki.

92. Fire dancer at luau.

93. Sailing on a catamaran.

94. Hawaii Convention Center.

95. Hiking Diamond Head.

96. Control tower at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

97. Ruins of the Kualoa Sugar Mill.

98. Hawaiian rowers.

99. Sunset over Waikiki.

100. Eastern Coast of Oahu.

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