May 13, 2015

Exploring an Abandoned Brick Factory

The Medicine Hat Brick and Tile plant (formerly I-XL) is about to open for public tours for the first time ever. After closing in 2010 following the flood, the factory was donated to the Friends of Medalta in 2011 and plans for utilizing the space began. From kilns and old machinery to dramatic lighting and vast spaces, there's so much in this industrial landmark to explore. You can even peddle your way through one of the giant tunnel kilns.

A couple weeks ago I was part of the media tour that got a glimpse behind the scenes of what the new public tour will look like. My relationship with this space goes back to 2012 when I first began documenting landmarks around the historic clay district - and wow, they've made a lot of progress in that time. You owe it to yourself to come down to Medalta to check out this new attraction. Here are a few of the new images I shot inside the factory.  

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