Mar 4, 2015

Joshua Tree National Park, California: Part 1

As soon as my plane landed in Palm Springs I was on the road to Joshua Tree in my rented 4x4 to start my pilgrimage through the desert. I was immediately reminded of my previous visit with my friend Dave, and like I ended up doing throughout my road trip, I snapped a picture of an old photograph to mark the occasion and to kick off this next chapter. 

The desert landscape is so different to what I'm used to that I couldn't help but be fascinated by it all. As the sun began to set, the yellows and oranges of the desert were heightened in bold contrast. I climbed the rocks, wandered among the cacti, and drove the winding roads from one end of the park to other. I was exactly where I wanted to be. 

Snap of an old picture of Dave and I in Joshua Tree in 2010.

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