Feb 9, 2015

Abandoned Market, Salton Sea

The juxtaposition didn't escape me as I hopped in the Mercedes I'd rented and drove down to explore and photograph a few more places around the Salton Sea. Heading south on the 111 you'll come across Felix Auto Repair and Super Toro Loco #6, two abandoned shops near the North Shore Yacht Club. Picture yourself in any of those popular zombie movies, video games or television shows - this place really sells the experience.

The post-apocalyptic vibe of the area only seemed to be enhanced by the fact that I was exploring alone in a place with no other people around. The broken glass, destroyed interiors, and general decay was fascinating - and depressingly eerie. Places like this are becoming increasingly rare around the Salton Sea. Abandoned ruins may draw in visitors from the outside, however demolition and vandalism have steadily removed them from the landscape. They're undoubtedly cool places to explore, but in reality they only exist because of the unfortunate decline.  

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