Dec 12, 2014

Around the Hat Calendar 2015

The months have flown by, and right on cue I've partnered again to produce an original Medicine Hat, Alberta 2015 calendar featuring the images from my Around the Hat photo series. The project was sponsored by Matt Teel, and the images were curated and photographed by me. 

The 2015 Medicine Hat calendar features 13 full months from January 2015 to January 2016, and is once again 8.5x11" in size. We wanted a more modern and simplified design this year to really make the images pop, and I think we achieved that. I also combined two images for each month, a main shot and a detail shot, to make the selections more vibrant. 

I hope you consider grabbing a calendar for yourself from my shop, or at the very least, have a look at the photo series that made the calendar possible. Last year we moved every single calendar and my shop sold out. I have no doubt we'll do the same again this year! Thanks for having a look! Click through to my shop here.

Complete calendar layout - front cover to back cover.

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