Oct 20, 2014

Abandoned Train Car on Highway 541

My fascination for abandoned places was peaked on my way to Kananaskis, driving the scenic route along Highway 541 (which becomes Highway 40). I spotted this old train caboose next to the Highwood River and decided to go and check it out. 

Out of curiosity I tried to find some information about it, but came up short. The view on Google Maps from June 2009 shows the train car in a much different state - completely intact with no graffiti (although it is from quite a distance). It makes me think this must have been a cabin. Someone clearly had something in mind when the train tracks were removed from the area. 

The interior is now completely burnt out, and various styles of graffiti cover most of the exterior. It was actually a bit eerie, because the area was completely quiet. No other cars on the highway, and no direct path for even getting to the train car - I just walked across a field. That could be a good reason why it's abandoned.


Unknown said...

Any chance of a more accurate description of where this caboose is? Kananaskis is huge! Thanks

Editing Luke said...

You'll find it along Hwy 541 when coming from the south. It's just before you reach the big wooden sign letting you know you're in Kananaskis. The train car is visible from the road although you'll have to walk out to it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you're still activly checking this, but can you give me the coordinates to input on google maps? I cant seem to find it being an american and all, lol