Aug 18, 2014

Aerial Photography in the Canadian Badlands

I have to say, the workdays where I get to play tourist are pretty amazing. Last Monday I was contracted by SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism Inc. (who I collaborated with on our Thinking Hat exhibit) to shoot some aerial photography for a development project they're working on outside of Drumheller, Alberta. 

We chartered a helicopter from Horseshoe Canyon, and as beautiful as the views were from the ground, seeing the badlands from the air was absolutely spectacular. Coincidentally, I had just been in the area a couple weeks prior exploring Rosebud and the Hoo Doos near Drumheller.

I was sat in the back of the helicopter with the side door removed so that my view would be unobstructed. It was a flashback to the last time I shot aerial photography when I first started with Stream Media back in 2008 - that was quite the adventure too. After our flight, Phil and I were both buzzing about the experience. Despite all of the collaboration on our exhibition, this was a pretty amazing way to kick off our first time working together professionally.

Aerial Photography, Alberta Badlands
A helicopter, Alberta badlands, and CCR.
Posted by Editing Luke on Sunday, March 20, 2016

And while it is incredibly cliche, I can't deny that this is how the experience played out in my mind. I've maybe watched a few too many Vietnam war movies.

Philip Vandermey

A rare snap of me in action.

Side door off.

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