Jun 13, 2014

Speaking at Now We're Talking 2014

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of taking part in one of the breakout sessions for Now We're Talking 2014 at the Medicine Hat College. I was part of a panel lead by Jace Anderson, along with Rita Sittler, to discuss the various ways we've used social media to connect with the community and build our brands/reputations.

I don't want to overemphasize the small role I played in the event, but it was nice to share a few of my experiences regarding how my use of social media welcomed some incredible opportunities in the last few years. My Around the Hat photo series and coverage of last year's flood were jumping off points to express how providing content allowed me to promote my work in a genuine fashion that translated into business opportunities after the fact. 

What I enjoyed most about our breakout session is that we essentially just had a conversation about what had worked for us. We weren't really lecturing, so much as we were inviting the discussion on the topic. Perhaps most importantly though, we proved that there is no singular answer for how to approach social media. The most successful participants are generally those who provide genuine, useful, entertaining, and/or informative content in some capacity - but who do so with some strategy in mind. 

We barely skimmed the surface on this topic, but the session has encouraged me to write out a few of my thoughts on social media and how I've used it to reach out. I'll be sharing a new blog post on that soon. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who attended our breakout session at the conference, and also thank Jace Anderson for the privilege of being a part of his panel. At the very least, the opportunity was further proof that my efforts must be working! 

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