Apr 4, 2014

Adventures With Darwin

Every time I make the trip to Regina to visit Wendy and Darwin I'm guaranteed a good time. Darwin reminds me more of his dad (my friend Dave who passed away in 2011) with each visit. His mannerisms, his wide-eyed stare, and his limitless appetite are spot on, and it only makes the hangouts more entertaining. 

Darwin took no time to warm up to me this visit, which makes me think he's finally starting to remember me. The moment I got to Wendy's place, Darwin immediately sat next to me and started talking my ear off (in adorable gibberish). At 2 and a half he's a master mimic. From 'cheersing' my glass and copying reactions, Darwin is a sponge and it makes playing with him a lot of fun. He even made a few attempts at saying my name - a whispered "ook". That "L" sound is tricky.

As always, Darwin was hilarious. A free slot machine app on my iPad had him jumping and flailing his arms with every spin until he was red in the face. Chasing him around Chapters, seeing him freak out at the dinosaur inside the Royal Sask Museum, and getting early morning wake up calls from Darwin wanting to climb on me were all par for the course. I loved it. And last, but certainly not least, there was the car ride where Darwin treated us to "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, Luke, if you REALLY cared about this kid, you'd change your name. Ook is not such a bad name.