Jan 17, 2014

Earl Kitchener School Interior: Part 1

Before Christmas I was contacted by a man who was interested in purchasing a few of my prints that I shot of the former Earl Kitchener School. His interest in the images lead me to question whether he was the one who had bought the building, and when it turned out he was, I asked if I could take some shots of the interior. It's funny how things work out like that sometimes.

The building is currently in the process of being renovated to become a residence. Much of the former school has already been stripped back. Chalkboards have been taken down, old flooring removed, etc. It's exciting to see the building at this stage as the original bones and materials of the structure are visible in some cases. One thing is certain, this will be an incredible place to live once it's complete. 

For now the family intends to renovate the main floor, and tackle the basement down the road. I think their investment in the property will pay off handsomely in the long run. It's a wonder that more people in Medicine Hat don't have the vision to tackle and revitalize some of these amazing old structures in our city's core. 

There are a handful of buildings downtown that have just as much potential as this does, and I really hope it becomes an example to encourage others. There's certainly enough money in this city for others to follow suit. And look at this place! What a waste it would've been if it was just left to collect dust. And on that note, I want to thank the Anderson family for giving me the opportunity to have a look inside their future home and capture part of the transition. It's going to be an amazing place to call home!  

Click here to see the renovated interior - one year later.

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