Mar 10, 2012

Late Nights in the Studio

It's not entirely uncommon for me to work during the evenings at Weddingstar when everyone else has gone home.  With Stream Media in the mix, my schedule often requires a certain amount of flexibility between both jobs and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  Truth be told, I don't mind the peace and quiet when I'm trying to film something or shoot a bunch of pictures and the late nights in the studio are actually a welcome change of pace.

I suppose what really solidified this behavior was my routine for getting projects done in film school.  Living in residence on campus it was easy to hang out in the film department after hours when using the schools equipment.  Even later into my final years in uni when I had all of my own equipment, I found editing was best done in the middle of the night because it was so much easier to focus without all of the distractions going on during the day.  I've always found it a luxury to approach projects with a solid block of time too, and evenings generally provide that.

I'm proud of the niche I've carved out for myself here too.  The entire studio is a result of the company growing and me stepping in at the right time to help shape the photography and video that we use on our website.  It's easy to draw a line between what I was doing in school and a lot of the projects I produce individually now. Maybe it's not so surprising that I'm still addicted to the late nights than either
. Old habits die hard. 

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