Sep 9, 2011

One More Mile

It was a year ago that my friend Dave and I kicked off our second road trip to California (two years since the first) and I couldn't help but get a bit nostalgic once facebook reminded me what I had been posting last September.  

I'm not sure when the opportunity to do something like this again will come up, but I know it's something I should push myself to do as often as possible with as many people as I can.  It seems that traveling like this not only allows me to see and do a lot of memorable things, but it also makes the conversations seem to resonate because you remember where you were when you had them.  

The entire time you're in a bit of a haze.  You can't wait to see what happens next or where you'll be.  And even though you're tired and maybe even a bit lost, in that frame of mind you're keen to push on that one more mile simply because you feel like you're always close to something new, something different, something you know you'll remember.  It's like nothing else. 

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