Aug 9, 2011

A Logo For the Moment

I change my blog headers like I change my T-shirts, but therein lies part of the creative vibe that I'm always trying to project on this site.  As I played with some new fonts I pealed away the layers of my old headers to create these simplified variations in an array of colours with an image of me incorporated into the logo.  There's no telling how long this latest badge will stick, but in any case, I'm happy to add another design to my gallery for the time being. 


Joshua Xalpharis said...

The orange on red is the most striking, and visually-appealing.

Kris H. said...

I like the blue and yellow. It'd be cool to see other ways you use this logo.

Angry Charlie said...

Definitely a fan of the one you have now. Keeping it simple works nicely, but experimenting is always nice. I don't know if I've ever seen your header so simple. But it works, and it's bold. Good job!