Mar 6, 2011

Inside the North Shore Yacht Club

After an extensive renovation of the long abandoned North Shore Yacht Club at the Salton Sea, it was cool to revisit the location in 2010 to see what the restored building looked like. You can read about our previous visit to the location when it was still abandoned here - also check out the vintage promotional video for the original Yacht Club building below.
The Yacht Club is now part community centre, museum, and gift shop. There are plans however to bring the marina back in the coming years to try and inspire some of the interest that surrounded the area back in the sixties. The future of the area is still uncertain, but this is a strong step forward.

Dave and I were lucky enough to get a personal tour of the facility by one of the kind ladies who works there. She showed us some of her artwork that she sells in the gift shop and how she makes it. It was unexpected, but made the experience even more memorable. It's awesome feeling connected to a place with so much potential - I look forward to seeing how the Salton Sea continues to evolve. 

The view from the roof.

Our host shows us how she uses pieces from the beach and surrounding date farms to create original butterfly sculptures for the gift shop.

Albert Frey, Architect.

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bill moran said...

I have been of interest in the Building and its future and here it has a new life and NO_ONE knows it...Who if any one is getting the word out...Had never heard of the boat race comming now in March..DO_NOT keep these events a seceret...our tv channels need to promote it ...