Jan 8, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

Of the few things I usually choose to make for myself, chicken noodle soup has long been a favorite and became a regular addition to my menu in film school.  I'm not talking about canned soup here either - not that chicken noodle soup is that complicated to make.  The way it makes the place smell is as much a treat as the meal itself, and I always make a lot so I can enjoy it for a few days.

Cooking this today reminded me of my winter semesters in the dorms.  January and February always feel a bit bleak to me, and this all just seemed emphasized when you were trapped in a small box of a room.  The communal kitchen was usually a disaster, but still, chicken noodle soup was the one thing worth cleaning the kitchen for (at least the bit of counter that I needed).

In between several edits I need to wrap up this weekend and a forecast full of snow, there's nothing like a bit of comfort food.

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