Jul 5, 2010


For the last week everything has been on hold because of my move. I'm just glad I was organized. I've managed to completely pack, move, and unpack over the long weekend to the point that I'm comfortably easing into my new routine for the start of another work week. There's a lot to be said about moving within the city you're already living too - it was far easier than trying to fit everything into a single vehicle and driving for several hours like I did so many times throughout university.

Things feel significantly different already despite everything else remaining the same. My new loft feels more personal than any place I've lived so far - although the only competition was my parents' basement and the dorms - there's something about finally being in a position to pick the place I want to live, purchase the furniture I want have, and commit to something that seemed out of reach just a year or two ago. I can't deny that things have gone exceedingly well this year in so many big ways that I'm still fighting to try and soak everything in at once.

It's amazing how you can see your life transform so quickly sometimes - all the hard work, luck, and timing just sync up and it's like it was meant to happen this way all along. That student mentality of 'I want to be' is quickly being replaced with 'I am'.

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