Sep 18, 2009

The Beatles Love & I Love Them Back!

Right now is the perfect time to be a Beatles fan! Short of being around in the 1960s, the re-release and new focus on the Beatles music and history is a playground for someone like me, along with countless other fans.

While a lot of effort was put into getting the Beatles albums years ago, it's not the re-releases I'm excited about. Truth be told, it's not all the magazines (despite buying them) that really swept me away either. No, the real treat and surprise in this whole reintroduction has been the limited edition release of Beatles Rockband that came out just a little over a week ago.

Yes, I bought it.

I opted for the limited edition with the replica of Paul's Hofner bass, which is really cool. For those of you who don't know, the Rockband instruments (guitars and drums) are actually wireless controllers themselves and don't require you to stick your Wii remote into them to make them work (like in Guitar Hero for Wii). And, much better than some decal or sticker, the finish of the Beatles instruments is top notch.

There's never been a shortage of Beatles merchandise to acquire, but for any fan of the music, this is a great time to get a taste. The Beatles Rockband remains my favorite thing to come out of all of this, and I'm sure I'll be playing it for months to come.

You can check out the amazingly beautiful intro cartoon to the Beatles Rockband below. I love how it seemlessly transitions through moments in Beatles history. Enjoy, and maybe get out there to experience some of this Beatles revival for yourself!


Jed Chua said...

I have guitar hero 5 and i can say i'm really disappointed. I'm gonna get The Beatles: Rockband soon to fix my urge!

How much for the limited edition guitar? :P

Editing Luke said...

The guitar is part of the limited edition set, including the drums, mic & stand, and game. It was $250 Canadian - and they also sell John and George's guitars seperately for $100 each (both of those look pretty amazing too). You can get the standard Beatles package but it just comes with the generic rockband instruments - the 60's flair in the limited edition box set is worth it if you ask me :)

Angry Charlie said...

I figured you were going to get this if you ever got any game! Glad to see it in your collection though. Seems like it was made for you! Than again, I'll probably never be able to think "Beatles" again without your name popping into mind. haha

Editing Luke said...

I can't deny, I didn't need to be talked into getting this game :)

super social influencer said...

Best band of the 60S,cheers Luke Ryan