Oct 15, 2008

100,000 Video Views

On October 24, 2007 I wrote about reaching 10,000 total video views, so it seems somewhat poetic to now be hitting 100,000 so close to a year later. You have to understand how bittersweet it feels to know that I've had such great support and been able to promote my work to achieve 6 digits in views, while at the same time, come across a video on youtube with a baby burping or something that gets over a million views in a matter of months, haha.

Like I've said before, it's the fact that I've acheived these views by uploading my various projects, edits, experiments and shorts that makes this feel so much more rewarding. It wasn't just a matter of me sitting back and watching it happen, it's been a lot of work in promotion and it's not views for a channel, it's views for ME. The obvious struggle is that I could upload an episode of family guy tomorrow and probably hit 100,000 in a month, but thus is the challenge and what has happened so far feels pretty good.

At the end of the day 100,000 is a number I can look at that represents part of the pay off for putting in the time I do. Editing Luke has been about getting my name out there, sharing my work, motivating myself, experimenting, finding like-minded viewers, opening myself to more criticism, and all around growing and improving by constantly creating challenges and goals for myself as a filmmaker. I really just want to know that people are actually watching.

Thank you to all of you who have shared in the growth of my blog and work over the last year and half. It's an uphill battle folks, and I appreciate the push!

I'm Luke, I'm Fandrix

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