Sep 9, 2008

Boom De Ah Dah!

Part of the fun of this blog is the ability to share the things I love. Have you seen this latest preview for the Discovery Channel starring some of the network's celebrities? This is the American version, the Canadian one has the guy from Daily Planet and the guy from Canada's Worst Driver in it, but it's basically the same. It gives me the chills, and I agree - The World IS Just Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Clever I like it!

I watched a bunch of the video responses and I have 2 things.

1. What is with people and video game things on youtube? Its lame and there is like 22 responses on this on that are that its so bizarre. Our internet culture is full of dorks.

2. Are you making one? You could soot and edit something together in 3hrs and I am sure it would be better than any of the responses so far.

Editing Luke said...

No, I have no plans of making a response to this video. As far as I'm concerned the original is the best version.

Anonymous said...

Your likely right. Discovery rules.