Sep 8, 2007

Welcome Week & Sam Roberts Concert

There's a positive vibe around campus, but this is familiar territory for me. To be honest, because I didn't have to move into a new room, because most of my classes didn't even start this week, and because the weather was mild at best, it's easy to say that it has been a stale start to my last year of university. Not that it's been bad or anything, it just hasn't been all that riveting either (concert excluded). 

I guess to an extent you expect life to throw some bookends or defining moments at you because it seems like it's the right time. Well, maybe it's too early or I just haven't been looking hard enough.  Probably a bit of both.

I've got high expectations for what this year will mean, but I'm also fighting against the reality of what I'll do next. I'm ready to move on, but it's funny how much you feel like clinging to nostalgia at this point. Where did the guy I was in first year go?

I guess the obvious highlight this week was the Sam Roberts concert on the green, although the beer gardens was a big draw too. There have been numerous talks of back to school celebrations for several weeks, and it seems we've had 3 false starts (good times that didn't go as planned). Oh well. I guess most note-worthy is that Brother Down by Sam Roberts sticks in my head as one of those songs that takes me right back to first year. It was really his big break, and I guess there's some poetry in that he was here singing it.  I actually met Sam Roberts briefly when he performed with the Tragically Hip a few years ago.  We went to see them arrive and he came out to chat with us for a bit.  It was especially cool now that he's even more popular.

Next week school is officially in swing, and as the old adage goes 'good things come to those who wait'.  Maybe I'm trying to look for too much meaning, but then again I am an arts student. I guess that was the point of all those classes.


Unknown said...

Dont know of this Sam Roberts fellow.

Editing Luke said...

i'm guessing it probably helps to be Canadian to know who he is. I quite enjoy his music actually. Here's a link to the Brother Down video on youtube if you're interested in hearing what his music is like