Mar 12, 2014

My Friend Jason by Shot in the Dark

This video has been around since 2011, and it seems like every few months I come across it again. My Friend Jason by Shot in the Dark is an incredibly inspirational and powerful video about Jason Rodas and the loss of his mother. It's beautifully shot and will have you reflecting on your own experience.    

Mar 10, 2014

Jaguar / Auto Show Throwback

This week I'm looking forward to heading back to the Calgary International Auto Show to checkout this year's collection of supercars, luxury sedans, and exotic imports. Last time my Dad and I made an event of the trip by going up in my Jaguar. Sadly, the car is no more, but that didn't stop me from going back and re-editing a few of my favorite Jaguar shots I took in 2012. This year I expect to be even more thorough, but in the meantime here's some XJ, XF, and XK eye candy for all the other Jag fans out there. 

Mar 6, 2014

Me Time

For the first time since film school I've found myself with an abundance of flexible time. In contrast to the twelve hour days that I was putting in just a few months ago, it's amazing to wake up and have no stress, no pressing deadlines, and start each day fresh. This isn't a new permanent way of life, but it is the silver lining that's come from being laid off.

Not having to wake up early and deal with the winter weather, being able to read books, indulge in cooking myself nice meals, catching up on missed movies, playing video games for hours at a time, hanging out with friends, working on personal creative projects, etc. has been like one big throwback to student life. It's all a bit indulgent, but I also feel like I'm making up for the last few years. My old schedule has been shattered and I'm now in the mindset that I just need some personal time - hence the lack of posts and activity online in general. 

It's not all lazy days though. I've been driven to write some proposals for potential projects, I've got a few photo shoots planned for new blog content, and in the last week I've gone out of my way to catch up with lots of people that I haven't seen in months. The job hunt has obviously continued as well, and the proposals have played a role in that. These days it's been all about embracing the transition, and I've realized that this downtime is something that I genuinely needed. I'm feeling more optimistic by the day and I think I'll come out of this feeling better than ever.