Aug 30, 2007

Universal Studios Hollywood: Video Postcard

I ended up editing a new video postcard and thought it would be nice to share it before school starts.  This is old footage of Universal Studios Hollywood (originally shot in 2004) but the edit is new. Check out 'My Travel Edits' tag to see more of my video postcards, or check my YouTube channel. Anyway, here's one more send up to the end of summer. I'll pretend that heading back to film classes will be just as exciting as this.

Aug 21, 2007

Summer School Ends & Memory Almost Full

Summer school has officially wrapped and once again I'm feeling great about what I did and worse about what I didn't. It's in the past now though and I'm ready to move forward. 

More than ever I feel motivated for my final year.  I've had this anxious feeling before, but this is actually the beginning of the end. To be fair, I really don't have anything to say here that I haven't said before . . . or at least I'm not in the mood to write myself a pep-talk. 

I'm tired of not caring about my classes, and I'm tired of questioning all of the things that I don't like doing as an excuse not to do them. I have one last year, and with a bit of extra effort I know it's going to be great.

I went out and bought Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full today which seems relevant given my current thoughts about school again. I'll never tire of learning, and even if for some odd reason I did how could a person ever really stop? I think I'm ready to start rethinking some things, preparing myself, and amp myself up about university one more time. Things are going to change again. For now it's time to celebrate, relax, and maybe just Dance Tonight:

Aug 20, 2007

Harry Potter Spin-Off

Whether or not you like the Potter books or movies or merchandise, it seems impossible to avoid them. But aside from the marketing machine, there are a few folks who have taken it upon themselves to exploit the phenomenon and create something new; popular all because of association. I have to say quite a few of these clips are pretty darn clever, but you be the judge as to whether or not they're better. Here are my two favourites:

Is Harry Potter Gay?
Harry Potter Puppet Pals