Jan 27, 2011

Downtown Los Angeles

Navigating the L.A. freeway system is an exciting experience. That is to say, it's fun because I knew I wouldn't be doing it again for a while. 

Leaving from Indio that morning, Dave and I headed towards Long Beach. You essentially travel from the desert and across greater L.A. to get there. With numerous different routes to get there we actually had no intention of seeing downtown, but one turn lead to another and there we were pointing out where the aliens in Independence Day parked their spaceship.

The theme song of the trip, and might I add it will never be as relevant in our lives again, was Bran Van 3000's song, Drinking in L.A.  The lyric 'what the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26' was why.  Downtown was just a blip on the radar, but I still managed to capture some nice pics as I weaved around a sea of cars.

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