Feb 27, 2010

75,000 Blog Views

I assume that many wonder why I bother to advertise so many of the little milestones that I hit with my blog or projects. The truth is that I do it because it's any easy way to prove to myself that all the effort I put into these ventures is actually worth it. Sometimes when the feedback isn't flowing, these little milestones are just the thing to make me see the results of my time.

Look at this blog for example. The work it took to get it to this point, to develop the variety of content, to design the layout, etc; it's been fine-tuned to represent my specific style, my portfolio, my history - I'm selling myself and my creativity to further establish my strength as an editor. Trying to get people to care and take interest in your creative ambitions is always a challenge, but I feel I've gone out of my way to resolve my own excuses.

My online achievements also represent the difference between basing a blog on someone else's work and uploading other people's videos in comparison to building something from scratch. These numbers can certainly be topped, but I take a great deal of pride in knowing that I've had 75,000 people stop by this site because they were either interested in my content or I did something to direct them here. If I were to stop caring I know the views would dry up pretty quick, and I suppose that's as much of a motivator as any. I want to make it clear that I'm still just as excited as ever to see my projects grow and my site gain popularity.

If you care enough about anything there's always a good reason to celebrate. So, thank you guys for your continued support and interest in my videos, content, and for all the added motivation in keeping my spirits up and my resume expanding!


RoxiticusDH said...

Congratulations on your milestone, Luke... I've been visiting via Blogexplosion for a couple of years now, and always look to you as an inspiration of how great and creative blogs can be.

All the best,

Editing Luke said...

Thanks Roxy, that means a lot!

L said...

i know exactly how you feel. blogging can be a cruel mistress sometimes, but also rewarding :)

Alex Chandler said...

A funny truth indeed. I more or less blog for myself, but if others read it that's cool. Just keeping notes for myself....kind of like keeping track of math equations..except a bit easier to remember.