Mar 7, 2009

Original 'Buick to the Future' Script: Page 1

June 2007

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You can say what you will about making a comedy based around an '89 Buick Park Avenue and a few Back to the Future jokes, but it was this short that kicked off my summer and brand new blog in '07. Buick to the Future was the first new narrative to debut on Editing Luke and Episode 1 has since been viewed well over 5,000 times.

Despite this first page of the script being cut almost entirely, and the switch of my character to actually being named Marty instead of Luke, the short proved to be so much fun to make that 3 more episodes followed (two more that summer and one in the spring).

I love how serious my work looks on this page, or rather how serious I took making it, despite the ridiculous subject matter. I've held onto the original working script as a reminder of how much fun that summer was, how dedicated I was to pursue more creative outlets and because it marked the beginning of more significant detours in my movie making pursuits.

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Angry Charlie said...

Hahaha. I remember that first hour or so of shooting. I can't see the rest of the word, but for the life of me I couldn't get that "hypercuplink" (?) word and line right. You should post that deleted scene sometime. But it was a fun summer, and I'll never forget the crazy shenanigans we got into. Perhaps one day a revival . . . or not. :-D