Mar 11, 2008

Sasktel Video Contest Recap

I know it hasn't really been that long since the cell phone video contest ended, but I realized that I hadn't posted these videos together. I made each film (Give it Time and the Gizmo Tree) specifically for the Sasktel Cell-ebrities contest and they both ended up making the finals (Top 10).  The idea was to come up with a concept for a short involving a cell phone - that was it! 

My project The Gizmo Tree ended up winning 2nd place in the popular vote thanks to lots of personal promotion. I think both shorts turned out quite well, and both show a completely different style and approach. Even better, I have two new films to show for the experience!


Kath Lockett said...

Cute and creative entries, Luke. Your brain works in mysterious ways.... The snow looks so foreign to me - we're having a heatwave here in Sth Australia - more than 10 consecutive days with temps over 38C (100+F I think)

Editing Luke said...

haha, thanks! i'm happy to say that we're finally losing the snow here Saskatchewan, and i'm not mocking, but the +2C felt so good today :) 38C would be tough to take, although it's not uncommon to hit that in the prairie summers.

Unknown said...

I love your films Luke. They are so quirky, thoughtful and capture the zeitgheist. You made me remember why I don't live in Canada anymore, though!