Jan 16, 2008

Gizmo Tree Promotional Video

I decided that maybe it was best to try and take another approach in getting some attention. I know a lot of you are just passing through, but maybe if you watch this short promotional video about what this whole contest/gizmo/promo thing is, then you'll be more inclined to stick around and/or go cast a vote @ www.cell-ebrities.ca. This is a pretty big opportunity for me and for my film The Gizmo Tree. Who knows what one more vote could mean in such a tight contest. Enjoy!

As always, thank you for your support and time!


Anonymous said...

I voted for you! Best of luck! :)

Editing Luke said...

thanks so much laura!

Anonymous said...

I think its good too! :)
On my way to vote, TC & good luck to ya.

~Michele @ http://michelefamily.wordpress.com/

Editing Luke said...

i appreciate it, thanks michele!