Sep 3, 2007

Film 486: Found Footage

I've done some pretty weird projects over the years and the found footage project that i did for my experimental film class is one of them. The idea was to use whatever footage you wanted and switch up the meaning, or tell a new story. My film, The Other Time Machine isn't difficult to understand, but it is kind of strange. Crazy to think that this project is nearly a year old now, but in any case, enjoy my experiment!


Anonymous said...

So now that your back in school does this mean Cryene is as well? Does this mean you'll talk to him? Does this mean he'll blog again? So many questions.

Editing Luke said...

i can't escape mr. cyrenne, but i don't have very high hopes about him coming back to blogging. i think he'd rather make subs at subway.

Anonymous said...

Fun! I cracked up when I heard the voice of the creepy old perv from Family Guy!