Aug 28, 2014

Medicine Hat, Alberta in 100 Images

Over the last couple years my passion for documenting my hometown has opened more doors, both literally and figuratively, than I initially would've imagined. Around the Hat, as the series has become known, has grown from a passion project into a detailed photographic library of the locations that make Medicine Hat distinct. 

These 100 images don't sum up Medicine Hat by a long shot, but they do represent the tip of the iceberg in an artistic and stylized photo series that spans seasons, includes thousands upon thousands of original captures, and with each passing day becomes a bit more historical in its own right. This is the Hat as I've seen it.  

*Click the descriptions to see the larger photo sets.

1. Medicine man "Medicine Hat" mural downtown.

2. Hargrave Sissons Block / Inspire Cafe

5. Vintage stock in the Hycroft China Factory.
6. Veterans' Memorial in Riverside Park.

7. Finlay Bridge
8. Five Roses flour bag at the Pioneer Village.

9. Tunnel in Kin Coulee Park.
10. Downtown Medicine Hat
11. Vintage car parked downtown during Spectrum.
12. Sunset Dinner preparations ahead of the Sunshine Skillet Festival.
13. Satellite Motel neon sign.

14. Top of the bell tower in St. Patrick's Church.
15. Medicine Hat's historic train station.

16. B-17 Bomber at the Medicine Hat airport.
17. Portion of the vintage Sweet Caporal painted wall advertisement.

18. Old cart in the I-XL Factory.

21. Chuckwagon races at the Stampede Grounds.

22. Remaining kiln from the Alberta Clay Products factory.
23. Families taking in the view from Scholten Hill.
24. Tree blossoms.
25. St. Barnabas church interior.

26. Moose antlers in the Cypress Club.

27. Aaron Nelson with his work at the Esplanade.

28. Wagon wheel at Echo Dale Farm.

29. Old chandelier hanging in the Beveridge Block.

30. Winter cliffs from Police Point Park.
31. Sunset at the Saamis Teepee.

32. Medicine Hat Arena

33. Gas lamp.

34. Ewart-Duggan house.

35. Painted Elm Street School sign.

36. Visitors admiring my images during our Thinking Hat exhibition.

37. Massive tree in Riverside Park.
38. Ranchmen Motel neon sign.

39. Prairie grass.
40. Horses at Stampede.

41. Crowds outside the Esplanade.
42. Office wall in the Monarch Theatre.

43. As seen by me...
44. Lela's Place / Chocolate Shop interior.
45. Flowers in bloom.
46. Hat Motel neon sign.

47. Underside of the Kin Coulee pedestrian bridge.

48. Mural on the Beveridge Block.
49. Beaver chewed tree in Police Point Park.

50. Medicine Hat railyard.
51. Painted eagle on a traditional teepee.
52. Chuckwagon races.
53. Birds flying over the Gaslight Plaza.
54. Stampede Midway.
55. View of the Esplanade Theatre from the fly tower.
56. Crowds look on during the 2013 flood.
57. Vintage Alberta license plate.
58. Saamis Teepee.
59. Autumn leaves.
60. City Hall at night.
61. Rose window of St. Patrick's Church.
62. My cousin Rupali posing under Finlay Bridge.
63. Medicine man in BATUS Park.

64. Sign out front of the Triple E antique store.
65. Medalta Potteries in winter.

66. South Saskatchewan River in autumn.
67. Interior of the former Earl Kitchener School.
68. Assiniboia Inn Neon Sign.

69. My parents in Police Point Park.

70. Flock of birds.
71. Old exterior of the Hutchinson Block.

72. Spectrum crowd in Riverside Park.
73. Cowboy in the Stampede Grandstand.
74. Downtown Medicine Hat.

75. Berries in Police Point.
76. Arrival of the Canadian Pacific holiday train.

77. Station Coffee interior.

78. Medicine Hat High School.

79. Echo Dale beach.

80. Feeding a llama.
81. Winter in downtown Medicine Hat.

82. Fall in the Riverside Park fountain.

83. Medalta factory interior.
84. Vintage cars lining 2nd Street downtown.

85. Cecil Hotel sign.

86. Summertime cliffs.
87. Medalta's Black & White Gala.

88. Vintage ceramic Hycroft cowboy hat.

89. Fountain at City Hall.

90. Historic courthouse.
91. World's largest chess set.

91. Volunteers filling sandbags during the 2013 flood.
92. Trees lit for Christmas around City Hall.

93. Concrete whale slide in Central Park.

94. Exploring the historic clay district.

95. Stampede Midway.

96. Glass siding of City Hall.

97. Downtown 2nd Street.

100. Monarch Theatre.

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