Mar 30, 2015

Stephanie Jonsson's Medalta Residency

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a video with Stephanie Jonsson who is currently doing a residency at Medalta here in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She showed me her studio, some of her latest work, and discussed her plans for an upcoming exhibition. Check out the new video below, and show some support for Stephanie's new Indiegogo campaign to help her with her exhibition and residency. You can also see more of her work by exploring her website here.

Mar 27, 2015

Inside the Cabazon Dinosaurs

The novelty of two large dinosaurs along the California interstate is made even better when you realize that you can go inside both of them. On my recent road trip through Southern California I thought I'd explore the Cabazon Dinosaurs again (more thoroughly this time) and capture a few more images from inside the iconic Apatasaurus and T-Rex next to the former Wheel Inn Restaurant. Read more about why I made the return trip here. 

Gift shop inside "Dinny" the Apatosaurus. 

The small lookout inside the T-Rex head.

Mar 26, 2015

Aloha Hawaii (2015)

This month I enjoyed a dream vacation with my family to Oahu, Hawaii. It's been years since I've traveled abroad with my parents and siblings, hence we decided to really make this trip count. We all stayed at the same hotel on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, and from there enjoyed a full week of wining, dining, and unforgettable adventures. 

I didn't film too much, but I wanted to capture enough to create a brief promo for the photo series I'll be sharing in the weeks ahead. From sailing on the ocean to a beachfront luau, we made time for all of the classic Hawaiian activities. On a day away from the family I arranged to rent myself a $200K Bentley Continental GTC to road trip around Oahu. All things combined, it was an amazing week with my family that I won't soon forget.

Stay tuned for the new photo series in the weeks ahead, and in the meantime check out my new video featuring sunset sails, hula and fire dancers, and winding coastal roads through paradise.

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