Jun 16, 2021

Art Print: The Launch of YYC1

"The Launch of YYC1" is the latest release and art print from the "Surreal Alberta" series. This image was one of my earliest digital experiments for the series where I thought it would be cool to reinterpret the Calgary Tower in Calgary, Alberta as a rocket blasting off into space.  

Calgary Tower Art Print

Jun 15, 2021

Art Print: Interstellar Badlands II

"Interstellar Badlands II" is a new release and art print from the "Surreal Alberta" series I've been creating. As a continued cosmic variation on the badlands landscape, this latest digital creation takes inspiration from a shoot in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Badlands Art Print

Jun 11, 2021

New Releases, Flash Sales & Changes Ahead

After a year of the "Hometown Series" and now the newly launched "Surreal Alberta" - a lot of my time has been dedicated to prints and limited-run flash sales to make up for restricted travel shoots and limited productions. However, despite new launches, like the latest flash sale that just went up today, there are some big changes on the horizon.  

Editing Luke Photography Art Prints
One of the most frequent questions I've received over the last few months is whether the print sales will continue as things reopen. While print sales will always have a place in the business - and are probably what Editing Luke has been best known for this year - as other projects return the emphasis on new weekly prints and flash sales will diminish.

The biggest shift is going to be that framed print options may no longer be available come this fall. Keeping large amounts of stock has made sense under these unique conditions, but the constant supply runs, deliveries, trips to the post office, etc. simply won't be possible with a return to the large scale media projects I was doing before the pandemic hit. 

In short, this summer I'm planning on doing one more major push to release lots of new material to keep up the momentum - but if you've been on the fence about ordering an Editing Luke print, this is my heads up that the window is closing to get something from any of these collections released during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.  

Editing Luke Framed Prints Flash Sale
Maybe have a little browse here. And as always, thank you so much to everyone who has kept the business thriving during these challenging times and for helping to fuel the creation of more local, independent, and Alberta based content than I've produced in years. Thank you!