Jan 12, 2015

Ghost Town of Rowley, Alberta: Part 1

As I pulled into Rowley I was surprised to see freshly mowed grass, pristine paint, and a welcoming main street. What kind of ghost town was this? Shortly after I was greeted by a couple of women who invited me inside the saloon to look around. Just north of Drumheller, the small community of Rowley, Alberta (less than 10 people actually live here) may be one of the best kept secrets in the Canadian Badlands. 

It wasn't long after that that I found myself on an impromptu tour with a couple of Belgians who drove into town. We were shown around the various buildings along main street, including the train station. Locals have actually turned Rowley into a heritage community of sorts - not exactly authentic, but an interesting sampling of prairie history nonetheless. The grain elevators were also restored not too long ago and are quite a sight to see.

One of Rowley's claims to fame is that it was apparently a shooting location for the 1994 Brad Pitt film, Legends of the Fall. I was also told of Rowley's popular pizza parties held in Sam's Saloon once a month that apparently bring people out to the town in droves. What else can I say about this place? It's not at all what I expected, which turned out to be for the best.

Jan 9, 2015

Downtown Palm Springs, California

After a day in the desert I got back to Palm Springs and decided to make my way downtown. It was pretty quiet, but I grabbed some food and did a bit of wandering. The Mercedes I rented looked right at home here. I got back to find it parked between two old school Bentleys. Christmas in the desert is something I hadn't previously experienced, although it's something I could certainly get used to. Palm trees and fairy lights are a good look.