Feb 6, 2014

St. Barnabas Church Interior: Part 1

Constructed in 1912, St. Barnabas is one of Medicine Hat's most ornate and historic churches. The exterior of this location was one of the first that I photographed for my Around the Hat series, and it was a pleasure to finally capture this incredible interior. From the stained glass windows to the intricate woodwork, there are countless details that echo the history here.

Feb 5, 2014

Make it Count by Casey Neistat

There are plenty of ways of making it count, of finding value in your life, and pursuing your own happiness. I've been a fan of Casey Neistat's work for several years now, and he's proven himself time and time again when it's come to serving up inspiration. Here's one of my favorite videos he's made. 

Feb 4, 2014

New Life for Thinking Hat

Following our Thinking Hat exhibition last fall I never would've guessed that we'd still be talking about getting new life out of it. From October to December our exhibit, featuring my photography of historic Medicine Hat and the future possibilities presented by SPECTACLE, was on display at the Medicine Hat public library. Just a few weeks ago excerpts from Thinking Hat were then exhibited during the mayor's state of the city address.  

What followed all of this was a brief discussion about the City doing something new with the exhibit. Nothing has been officially decided as of yet, but the ideas ranged from a display in City Hall to permanent displays at locations around downtown. All of this came as a surprise to me, but it sounds like there's still lots of potential for this project to inspire conversation and get people motivated about revitalizing our downtown core. And what better promoter to utilize the project than the City itself? There are still lots of discussions to be had, but Phil, Jessie, and I have all been humbled by the feedback we've received. I just wanted to provide a brief update on our project, and share our excitement for what could be another big step forward.