Aug 30, 2010

University of Regina

To have made it through university hasn't helped me escape the fact that it feels like back-to-school even if I don't have to go. I'm still tempted to buy school supplies and it still feels like another fresh start with the fall starting to show itself. And then with nostalgia kicking in, I remember that school was a lot better than I sometimes give it credit for.

My time at the University of Regina seemed endless for awhile, but now it just seems like a blip. In retrospect a semester was nothing. It was just long enough to get comfortable and then you were forced to change things up anyway. I still find it difficult to recreate that level of variety even with the project to project routine I have down working as an editor.

As you might have guessed (or already knew) I went to the University of Regina to take film and media production as part of a fine arts degree. It was the type of course that gave you the freedom to make a lot of creatively rewarding content and a lot of creatively stifling mistakes. I take credit for both though.

I suppose what I've taken from my time at school, is that the critique never stops you just don't get to see the grades anymore. Try to think of it as more a transition in experience and less of a golden ticket. Make friends, pay attention, don't stress about 5% in a grade, and make bold choices. I've only been out of school for a couple years now, but I can still see how putting myself out there opened a lot doors when it came time to find work.

No matter where you go to university or college, the lesson is so much bigger than what happens in the classroom. One day you'll find yourself staring at a shelf full of notebooks or a bin full of pens and you'll be happy to come up with a reason to actually use them. With the textbooks now acting as shelf decor, and my film school shorts becoming stronger examples
of what I'd like to get away from, the fact of the matter is that everything is better with a bit of a challenge . . . and my notebook just happens to be online now.

Aug 27, 2010

Inspired Singles: Issue 09

A single a day keeps your creativity in play.
Join me as I share some of my fav tunes in an effort to pay the inspiration forward.
Inspired Singles: Issue 09 by Luke Fandrich

Brilliant by David Usher

Known for his lyrical poetics, this track by David Usher is energetic and upbeat. With a reverence for nostalgia and growing older, the song's
chorus chimes 'is it brilliant where you are, where the lights are low'? Questioning if this is all life has to offer or if some people are just comfortable being safe in their bubbles, to me the lyrics emphasize that the experience is what you make of it. Is it brilliant where you are? Yes David, I think it is.

I Don't Know What to Say by The Magnetic Fields

Echoing, ambient, and like a modern lullaby, t
his track floats and lingers. I picture a row boat with the sunlight dancing on the ripples of a great lake in the way this song inspires dreamlike imagery and relaxation. The lyrics are haunting, but in a beautifully innocent way.

Ikea Sangria by Beth In Battle Mode

Choppy piano and an elastic drum beat compliment the vocals that you may at first think belong to the lead singer of the Counting Crows. A light and jaunty piece of music, it just makes you feel good. Certainly worth checking out!

Aug 26, 2010

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

This cute short, directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp is a classic example of what can be done when a simple concept is given the right polish. Extreme close-ups are made to look epic in scale with Marcel as the focus. Here's a little piece of awesome to spice up your day!